Welcome to Mommy’s Cocktail Hour!

We are excited to introduce Mommy’s Cocktail Hour Podcast and Blog. In the coming weeks, we will be recording our first podcast episode and we can’t wait to hang out over cocktails and share our mommy experiences with you.

Although our children are the best aspects of our lives and we love them more than words can describe, as a parent it is crucial to take some time for yourself, Moms and Dads alike. I think we sometimes get lost in our most important job of being a parent and our daily routine that we forget about ourselves.

Mommy’s Cocktail Hour Podcast will be our little escape; sure we’ll talk about our great parenting experiences as well as challenges and frustrations but we’ll also talk about our other interests and off-topic banter. On the Blog you can expect to read through some of our individual experiences and we’ll post about awesome finds and include some quick and easy recipes.

We have been coming up with so many ideas, so expect more soon! We hope you enjoy!


nicole brentise
nicole brentise

hey girl lol it sounds great (: you guys are doing a really good job!!! its nicole from work by the way (: