#105 – Festive Brews


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This week we skip the cocktails and try out some Fall Beers.  We talk about some great beers, Walking Dead (if you’re a fan too you have to check out Walking Dead Cast podcast), fabulous finds and also touch on a few of our Facebook group topics: counter top cleaners and birthing expenses/maternity leave.

Fall Beers

Beth: The Dude’s Rug (cider with tea & spices) by BNektar Cider

Lindsay: Shocktop Pumpkin Wheat

Tawny: Casper White Stout

Fabulous Finds

Beth – Trader Todd’s (Chicago Karaoke Bar)

Lindsay – Toddrick Hall – Freaks Like Me feat. Dance Moms Girls

Tawny – Billion Dollar Brows – Universal Brow Pencil  (Tawny mentioned this make-up tip article)


#104 – Cinn-ful Apple


Fresh Apple Cider w/ a shot or two of Jeremiah Weed Cinnamon Whiskey (Serve Hot or Cold)

We love Fall! On this week’s episode Krissi, Lindsay and Tawny talk about Fall activities for the family.

Thanks to Josh and Joel of the Pod on Pod podcast for the great MCH review. If you’re a podcast junkie definitely check them out!

Hey, did you know it was National Podcast Day on September 30th?! On this episode we mention a few of our listener’s favorite podcasts.

Fabulous Finds

Krissi – Soft Claws

Lindsay – Jeremiah Weed Cinnamon, DDP Yoga

Tawny – Salted Caramel Popcorn

Listener Fab Find: Amanda – Lays Jalapeno Mac N’ Cheese

Fit Tip: Lindsay shares the greatest tip EVER from Fitwatch.com – 10 Ways to Exercise While Watching TV.


#103 – Salted Buttershots Mocha
Live from Trackside Taste of Fall


This week MCH recorded at the Trackside Taste of Fall in Geneseo, IL.  Thanks to Karen and her team for inviting us to host our show live at their event.  We talked to a lot of great people including Bent River, Dale from Stern Beverage, and Becky long time listener of the show.

As most of you are aware our live shows tend to get a little bit loud and sloppy and this one doesn’t disappoint!  Listen in to see how much fun we had so you can join us there next year! Yay!!

1 c. milk; 2 tbsp butterscotch ice cream topping;  2 tbsp chocolate milk mix; pinch of sea salt;  strong coffee

1 c. milk; 2 tbsp butterscotch ice cream topping; 2 tbsp chocolate milk mix; pinch of sea salt; strong coffee

Fabulous Finds

Krissi – Pley.com; simplegreensmoothies.com
Tawny- Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Spice Coffee

MCH Taste of Fall Favorites

Redds Wicked Ale
Gray’s Rock Hard
Cider Brothers Pinot Grigio Apple Cider/ Strawberry
Mississippi River Distilling Gin & Lemonade
Zombie Monkey Porter
Uinta Pumpkin Ale
Lolita Raspberry Wild Ale

Lindsay’s Pudding Shots

Caramel Apple: 1 box butterscotch pudding; 1/2 c. Bailey’s; 1/2 c. Apple Vodka; 1 c. Milk; 1 tub Cool Whip; 1 pinch Cinnamon

Pumpkin Spice: 1 box vanilla pudding; 1 c. Pumpkin Vodka; 1 c. Milk; 1 tub Cool Whip; 1 pinch pumpkin pie spice


#102 – Pom Freshie



Join Beth, Lindsay and Tawny for episode #102, Pom Freshie.  This cocktail is the sole reason why you should own a zester or a cheese grater at the very least.  We kick start fall with this flavorful treat which is sure to be a hit at all your cocktail parties this season.  Ok, who are we kidding?  Maybe not an ACTUAL cocktail party, but maybe like a Columbus Day celebration (does anybody do that?) and Thanksgiving (most people do that!).


Fabulous Finds

Heidi Anderson Galer Go-Go Squeeze. Made my crazy summer of on the go suppers a lot easier.

Danielle Giguere Monroe Two very different TV events: The return of the Mindy Project!, and the great Ken Burns documentary on the Roosevelts. Both making this week great for me despite my husband being out of town.

Corey Fineran Brylcreem. If your man needs his hair tamed but hates the hard crunch of gels, this is the stuff.

Angel Hermann I need a good deodorant recommendation.

Jessica – Family Force 5

Beth – Renwick Manor; Jambetty

Lindsay –  Russell Stover Pecan Pie’s

Tawny – MomCo App – (for moms and service providers) have a kickstarter to expand  and market the app.  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/momcoapp/the-momco-app

Lindsay’s Fit Tip :  healthy eating: quick foods to have on hand – hard boiled eggs, tuna packets, rolled turkey, rice cakes with peanut butter, cheese and grapes, cucumbers, roasted pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate chips, bananas. take notes what foods fill you up better.  

#101 – Not Yo Mama’s Long Island
(Stranger Safety)


photo (7)

Equal parts Amaretto & Spiced Rum – Mix with OJ over ice

Summer break is officially over and so is our MCH hiatus…we’re back! On this week’s episode we talk about our last weeks of summer, getting back into the school routine, and Lindsay shares a close encounter experience that spurs our evening topic, stranger safety. We also announce our new FB group, an upcoming new segment AND starting next month our new monthly live episodes (i.e. a real mommy’s cocktail hour and you’re invited).

Fabulous Finds

Beth – purely elizabeth cranberry pecan low-glycemic granola! (target)  jamberry nails! (duh) my facebookautism awareness dog
Krissi – satiregram
Lindsay – steven’s point brewery radler grapefruit
Tawny – manhattan

Lindsay’s Fit Tip : 15-minute Home Workout

Stranger Safety Resources:


We’re back to weekly podcast episodes, so until next week…cheers!!

#100 Part Two – Mom Scowl Mule

The Kid’s Favorite Books & Caller Fab Finds


Welcome back to the second and final part of our live 100th episode.  We had great conversations with the second round of callers – Tiffany, Heidi, and Josh.   Thanks so much to everyone who participated and watched our live show it really means so much to us and we absolutely love interacting with YOU!

Reading Rainbow – We talk about our kids favorite books

Beth- Little Owl’s Night; Peter Pan Golden Book; Melissa and Doug Memory Game
Lindsay – Magic Tree House; Stinky Face
Tawny- Isabelle AG Doll Book; Saige AG Doll Book
Krissi- Crow Country, Barney Bipples

Caller Fabulous Finds

Brandi – Deb
Tiffany – H-E-B
Heidi – OldDogNewTits; According To Mags ; Gimbals Candy
Josh – Freegal (3 downloads a week)

We’ll be back in the studio the first week in September so look for a new episode at the end of that week.



#100 Part One – Mom Scowl Mule


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Can you believe it?! We’ve recorded 100 episodes of Mommy’s Cocktail Hour! We threw a huge party and recorded our episode live and invited our listeners to call in to celebrate with us!

On part one of episode #100 we talk to Cupid Rocks, DomtheTXMom, Sarah, and Brandi! We love our Mom Scowl Mules AND we can’t go 15 minutes into an episode without Buttershots!


Fabulous Finds

Beth – Hard Candy Pop-arazzi (Find it at Walmart :/ )
Krissi – 2nd Street Creamery Strawberry Rhubard; Cider Boys Pineapple Hula; Mother Moon Pads
Lindsay – Foam Roller
Tawny – Speculoos Cookie Butter;Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle

Thanks to our show sponsors Agent18 and Blowfish for Hangovers!  Be sure to check out their awesome products. We were very grateful for our Blowfish for Hangovers the morning after.  Check out our Instagram video.

Congratulations to DomtheTXMom, the winner of our grand prize!


#MCHLIVE 100 Live Show!

10525933_671624932932261_3074575130908933935_n Welcome to the party for our 100th episode! If you’d like to make the same cocktail we’re drinking, the recipe is on the right. For all sorts of printable MCH goodies for tonight’s party, go to the Official #MCHLIVE 100 Headquarters.

Enjoy the video, log into the chat below and call into the show! The phone number to call in is:

#99 – The Dad-Query


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Join us for our 99th podcast episode!  We’re giving you a little preview of what our 100th live show will be like; a lot of laughs and a ton of alcohol!!  On this episode you’ll encounter an unintended chicken conversation/interuption, details on how to get hit on while riding a bike with one shoe, we talk alcohol consumption, and tell stories on how we met our husbands.

Fabulous Finds

Beth – One More Thing
Lindsay – Hemlock Grove – series on Netflix
Tawny –  PartyParty App
Krissi – Blue Diamond Almonds Salted Caramel

Fit Tip: GET YOUR REST…it will really make a difference. This seems easy but sometimes us busy moms forget that we need to just take a break! Lindsay shares how her lack of sleep and overexertion is really taking a toll on her.  She also references a Dr. Oz article, check it out!

We are BEYOND excited to celebrate our 100th episode with you this upcoming Saturday, August 2nd at 8:00pm CT.  It’s pretty simple, just come here to our website and you’ll be able to watch the show, join our chat, and call in to be a part of it!  Oh, and don’t forget to invite your friends and share our facebook event!  More details to follow!


#98 – Raspberry Shandy


On this week’s episode join Beth, Lindsay and Tawny and pour yourself this summertime mixture of lemonade and raspberry shandy beer, yum!  Lindsay shares her tips on her post vacation detox, Beth talks about her upcoming family vacation (side note…geocaching) and Tawny brings up a funny article shared with us on our facebook page.

Fabulous Finds

Beth – Roadside America app
Lindsay – The Pretty Reckless
Tawny – Girl Meets World on Disney Channel,Unrollme.com

Listener Fab Find: Shana - Safe Spot – A place Your child stays while you load or unload other items or kids!  Love it!

Lindsay’s detox – 1. Get back to your workout routine 2. No diet soda, try lemon water or green tea with a shot of apple cider vinegar (Braggs raw), and dandelion root tea (for de-clogging…hehe) 3. No grains or sugar

Thanks to our listener Jessica for the many laughs we had discussing the article she shared with us on our Facebook page, 30 Ridiculous Baby Products.

REMINDER: AUGUST 2nd 8PM CT…….MCH LIVE 100th EPISODE!!!!  Please join us and help us celebrate this milestone podcast episode.  It’s been a long few years and we’re so close to breaking 100 episodes, WOW!!!  We can’t wait to hear from you!