#90 – Gas Station Island Iced Tea


Join Beth, Lindsay and Tawny on this episode of Mommy’s Cocktail Hour. We celebrate our 90th podcast the classiest way possible with a gas station mix you’re sure to forget.

photo (10)
Raspberry Twisted Tea
2 oz Jeremiah Weed
3 oz Lemon-lime Soda
Mix over ice

Fabulous Finds

Beth – Sauve Moroccan Oil Shampoo, Suave Sunless Tanner

Lindsay – Fox Barrel Pacific Pear Cider

Tawny – Mason Jar Sip & Straw Lids, Johnny Appleseed Hard Apple Cider

Beth gives us the rundown on her worst day ever which included a trip to the pediatrician and the dentist. Lindsay is glad that Sweetness is making new friends in the neighborhood, and Tawny discusses her Easter Bunny dilemma and the responses we received from listeners on Facebook.


#89 – Ginger (free for) Ale


On this week’s podcast the MCH ladies catch up over Ginger Ale cocktails!

photo (9)

2 oz. Vodka
2 oz. Peach Schnapps
1 oz. Grenadine
Fill with Ginger Ale
1 oz. Peppermint Schnapps
2 oz. Whiskey
Fill with Ginger Ale

Fabulous Finds

Beth – Freight House Farmer’s Market
Krissi -Checking out passes to museum/zoo at the library for free!
Lindsay – Cheddar Skinny Pop, Wow Cup
Tawny – Flirty Bird Syrah,  Melt Wax Parlor Campaign (campaign to fund Meghan’s – our MCH waxer – new business)

Krissi’s Fit Tip – Be sure to keep scheduling your child’s annual exam’s each year after kindergarten!

These last few weeks have been busy!  We are full of stories on this episode, we talk about warts, pine derby, losing teeth, nudity around kids, becoming a woman, dealing with a threat, real sister fights, and setting a fire!


#88 – Playgrounds & Peanut Butter Eggs


On this week’s episode we share our Easter cocktail recipe and talk about the unwritten rules of the playground.  I’m sure you’ve all seen the national news with the razor blade playground story, um yeah, that happened basically in our town and we’ve all been to that park!!!

photo 1

Make Your Peanut Punch:
Blend ¼ c. Creamy Peanut Butter
1 ½ c. Chocolate Almond Milk (or add Hersey’s Chocolate Syrup)
2 tbsp of Honey
Use 1 oz White Rum to 3 oz of Peanut Punch
Cinnamon and Chocolate Syrup to Garnish
(Leave out the booze and this is a great mocktail for kids)

Fabulous Finds

Beth – Hand Blender (for soups and drinks)

Krissi – Redken Rough Paste #12

Tawny – Baby Chicks

Thanks to all who shared their thoughts on the playground on our facebook page. While recording we received a voicemail from DomtheTXMom and she shares her birth story! We absolutely LOVE to hear these and Dominque’s was great, so happy she shared it with us!


#87 – Root Beer Float


photo (6)

On this week’s episode the MCH ladies are all together in the same place!  That hardly ever happens!  We had a “pitch-in” right before we recorded, so bear with us as we’re a little tipsy, drowsy, and nasally.

Root Beer Float – add in a few generous shots of Buttershots, duh!

Fabulous Finds

Krissi – Smith & Forge Hard Cider

Lindsay – Ass Backwards,  Lunchbox App, Counting Bills and Coins App

Tawny – eSalon

Lindsay’s Fit TipDark Horse Workout Video

The mommy’s catch up on what’s been going on over the last few weeks.  Beth talks about Squishy’s bedtime difficulties, while Krissi asks advice on birthday party present etiquette (and her cute new hair cut!). Lindsay is having a hard time Sweetness wanting to play with friends every night now that the weather is getting warmer (yeah, we’re talking 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s here in the QCA, haha!).  Tawny is coming to terms with her baby losing her first tooth and just how fast these little gals are growing….someone buy her a puppy STAT!

Enjoy, Cheers!


#86 – The Dudette


This week’s episode continues the second half of the Mommy’s birthing stories.  Beth and Krissi are up next while listener Heidi calls in and shares her birth story as well.

photo (8)

A Classic White Russian
Add Dash of Grenadine
Fabulous Finds

Beth – Beck Morning Phase   
Krissi- Joy in the Morning by Betty Smith
Lindsay – Gas Station Tornados
Tawny – Resurrection

Lindsay’s Fit Tip: 10 Foods To Eat During Each Trimester - courtesy of the Huffington Post

Beth tells the tale of Squishy’s arrival after a few false labor attempts.  It was a very looooong labor but the end result always makes it so worth it.  Beth also shares her first parenting scare when he was just a few weeks old.  If anyone is in need of a surrogate then Krissi is your gal.  Krissi says she’s pretty good at having babies while Lindsay goes on to say “She is the birthing machine!” and that my friends, is the honest truth! Join us for these very different tales from labor and delivery.

Even though our stories have ended, we’d still love to hear yours!  Leave us a voicemail(s) directly from our website!


#85 – Pickle Craving


photo (7)

One Shot Jameson Irish Whiskey
One Shot Pickle Juice (straight outta the jar)
Optional dash of Lime Juice

On this week’s podcast we start the first of a two part series of the mommy’s of MCH birthing stories. Join us for this episode as Lindsay and Tawny share the tales of labor and delivery with their littles ones. Stay tuned next week as Beth and Krissi will share their stories as well. We’d like to thank our friend and dedicated listener, Sarah, for sharing her story and encouraging us to share ours.

Fabulous Finds
Beth – Killer Karaoke
Lindsay – Butterfinger Cups
Tawny – Agent18 Home Buttons

Lindsay’s Fit Tip
Tips for Thinner Thighs with Pool Exercises (We’re so over WINTER!!!)

We’d love to hear your story! If you’d like to share please leave us a voicemail(s) directly from our website!


#MCHparty March 7, 2014 8pm CT


Welcome to our Twitter Party! It’s been a long week and it’s time to put the kids to bed, pour yourself a drink, relax, and have fun conversation with your MCH hosts.

Even if you’re not on Twitter, you can still follow the conversation here. If you’re on Twitter, log in! You can tweet directly from the widget below and don’t forget to use the #MCHparty hashtag!

#84 – “Hey Seuss” Margarita


On this week’s episode we celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday, National Margarita Day, and also bring you a product review from this episode’s sponsor, Agent18.

photo (5)

Fill glass with Squirt/Dr. Squirt
Add 2 Shots Tequila
Dash of Lime Juice
That’s it!  Incredibly easy and we absolutely LOVE this Margarita!

Our Product Review of Agent18

photo (6)

Agent18’s goal is to continuously launch products that are functional, stylish, and spark conversation. That’s exactly what these products did for us, listen on the podcast as we give our honest reviews of these phone cases.  We review Stripe Vest, Lace Julia, Navy Coral Dots, and the Preppy Flexshield cases.  The bottom line is we don’t think you’d be disappointed with any of these cases.  They definitely pass the MCH cuteness rating with flying colors and Agent18 also has a generous half price program as well!  You know we love a deal!  If you’re in the market for a new case check out their website or find their products near you:  Target, Apple, Best Buy, Fry’s, Walmart, Meijer, and Urban Outfitters. Also don’t forget to snag a super cute wallpaper from their website for your phone lock screen.

Lindsay shares her recent parenting struggle with Sweetness being involved with a few first grade kissing bandits at school.  Beth has big news that Squishy has transitioned to his big boy bed.  Krissi and peanut are finally on the mend after a week of dealing with strep throat. Tawny shares some kindergarten gossip that she received from Bruiser about the boy who “looked SO cool” in her class.


#83 – #MCHparty



Because of illness and flooded basements, we missed our regular recording night. We decided to record this episode during our Friday Night #MCHparty Twitter Party and we fired up a live stream on our website and the Twitter Party people were able to listen to the live and unedited version of our episode. Unfortunately, Krissi is still sick and wasn’t able to join us.

What We Were Drinking
Beth – Cake Vodka and Pineapple Juice (Pineapple Upside-Down Cake)
Lindsay – Cranberrita mixed with Rum and Sparkling Black Cherry Water
Tawny – Flip Flop Wine – Cabernet

Starbucks Pirate Beth starts things off with her Fabulous Find for this episode. However, the biggest take-away of her story is the visual of her driving around the Quad Cities with an expired Starbucks gift card shoved in one side of her sunglasses so she could see.

Listener Sarah is at home with her newborn and that gets us into the conversation about alcohol consumption while breastfeeding and Pump & Dumping. Lindsay suggests staying away from the Oxycodone while you breastfeed.

Lindsay’s Fabulous Find for this week is Nature Box. This is a subscription club that delivers healthy snacks to you. Tawny’s Fabulous Finds are Maybeline Age Rewind, Against the Grain, Me and Billy’s.

We talk about our Valentine’s Day weekend. Quadruple dates, sickness, birthday parties, affordable birthday cakes and cupcakes, and cleaned kids’ bedrooms. It was a mixed bag.

In the #MCHparty Twitter Party stream, Heidi asks how to get children to stop picking poo out of their diaper. Tawny tells a customer service horror story. Enjoy the episode and this “live” episode is a little preview of what our 100th live video broadcast will be like. It’ll be one “hot summer nut”.

Live Audio Broadcast for Episode #83

Welcome to our Twitter Party and live audio broadcast of Episode #83! You can listen to our (unedited) recording by using the Mixlr player above. If you’re not on Twitter, you can still follow the conversation below. If you’re on Twitter, log in! You can tweet directly from the widget and don’t forget to use the #MCHparty hashtag!

Leaving the computer but want to keep listening? Download the Mixlr app for iOS or Android, search “Relentless Podcast Network” and listen to the stream on your phone, in your car, wherever you want! Draw a bath, pour a glass of wine, play us on your phone and relax!