#116 – Wine Slushie


This week join Krissi, Lindsay and Tawny for wine slushies, sexy time app talk, getting in your 10,000 steps a day, and pump bottles for the shower. Also we have to mention it’s Podcast Award season time and we’d love to be nominated in the Food & Drink category.

Wine Slushie: Blend 1/2 bottle of wine, 1 cup frozen berries and hand full of ice.

Fabulous Finds
Krissi- Thug Kitchen Cookbook
Lindsay- Sex Tracker App, Sex Calendar App
Tawny- Uber App, NYC Long Wearing Nail Polish (cheaper at Target)

Listener Fab Finds
Heidi – Gilmore Guys Podcast, Amber Healing Necklace
Dina – Range Mate

Fit Tip – 9 Ways to Get 10,000 Steps a Day

Thanks to Carmen for leaving us such a great voicemail. So glad she found us and is spreading the word about MCH. Also, I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned WE LOVE VOICEMAILS!!!


10th Annual Podcast Awards


It’s time for the Podcast Awards!  We are so proud and honored to have been selected as finalists in the Food & Drink category for the past two years.  We’d be so grateful to have your nomination again for this year’s Podcast Awards.  Nominating your favorite podcasts is easy!

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 Cheers to your support in the 10th Annual Podcast Awards!

#115 – Gin Gimlet
Winter Activities


On this week’s episode we talk about Winter Activities over Gin Gimlets. Needless to say, this episode gets a little boozy! We share some of our favorite things to do in the dead of Midwest Winters and we also share some of our listener favorites as well.

Special thanks to our friends of Dark Music and The Lion In Rome for our amazing new intro music.  You can check out more of their music here.

Fabulous Finds
Beth – They’re Real by Benefit  ; Davines Replumping Hair Filler ; Davines Texturizing Dust
Krissi – Invisibilia Podcast, Gortimer Gibbons Life on Normal St, Call the Midwife

Beth is helping to plan a fundraiser for her friend JJ, please check out his story and this wonderful event they are planning.  If you’re anywhere near Davenport, IA come hang out with us at the Redstone Room on 1/30!

Fit Tip: 10 Tips for Physically & Mentally Balanced Life

**The 10th Annual Podcast Awards Begin Monday January 19th**
We’d greatly appreciate your nomination along with all your other favorite podcasts. Check back to the website on Monday and we’ll have more details on how to nominate.

#114 – Cheers to 2015!


photo (13)

Happy 2015!  We had a wonderful holiday break with our families and we hope you did too!  We definitely missed our cocktail/therapy time with each other. This week we talk about resolutions/goals we have for 2015.  It’s going to be a GREAT year!

Beth – Whiskey Ginger with Zevia
Lindsay – Gluten free potato vodka, Organic maple syrup, Lemon wedge
Tawny – Red wine, Whiskey, Oranges, Agave

Fabulous Finds
Beth – Moms’ Night Out; She & Him Classics
Lindsay – Weber Style Vegetable Tray
Tawny – Circle Scarf

Fit Tip: Best Moves to Tone Your Abs- Tone Tummy in 2015


#112 – MCH @ HMC



This week we had the pleasure of recording our episode at the Handmade City Holiday Show at the Freight House in downtown Davenport, IA. We set up our pop up podcast right at the bar conveniently located next to Blaum Bros. Distilling Co. Thanks for the amazing samples Blaum Bros!

Next week’s episode will be a compilation of host and listener voicemails, SO WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please send us a voicemails! We want to know your holiday traditions and/or you can have your little ones tell us what they want for Christmas. HINT: Beth told Squishy he was leaving a message for Santa Claus.

We are Caroling for a cause and accepting donations for Winnie’s Place, a shelter for women with or without children. If you would like to make a monetary donation, you may do so here. If you are local we would love to have you join us for caroling! Check out our facebook event for more details.

Fabulous Finds

Lindsay – Woody’s Popcorn
Krissi – Four Daughters Coffee
Tawny – Mr. Peabody & Sherman


Stop the Kids Birthday Bullsh*t

It is that time of the year again! Only this time, I am taking a stand! But let me begin with…Today, my youngest child turned three. It was great! We had a simple dinner, just my husband, birthday boy, and his sister. The servers did their annoying birthday song, and as a once-upon-a-time server who used to thank the restaurant Gods that my place of employment did not practice such a gimmick, we not only requested it, but we endured it.
(funny side-note: I believe these servers may have enjoyed themselves watching my son slap his forehead and shake his head at their ridiculousness.)

Following dinner, we played some video games and made our way home to bed. That’s it! Now, before I begin my rant, we have birthday festivities planned for this child this coming weekend to include very few of the things I’m about to let myself (and all you other moms who are consistently trying to one-up yourself from year to year) have it!! So, here it is…………… STOP THE KIDS BIRTHDAY BULLSHIT!!!!

Consider the following:

1. Theme

JustinBieberEvery year we decide on a theme. My daughter has had a luau, a princess, a crayon, a Justin freakin’ Bieber, among other silly themed birthday parties. So let’s say she decides that the next birthday party should be a Monster High party (since it’s all I hear about these days). Here is how this plan would develop:

a. We MUST search Pinterest, all online party shops, all local party shops, and the birthday party catalogs that conveniently show up in my mail box (black magic) in the weeks leading up to her birthday, for ANY and ALL Monster High related birthday paraphernalia.

b. We MUST buy the following Monster High crap: dinner plates, dessert plates, napkins, cups, banners, balloons, picture booth, table coverings, decorations, goody bags, goody bag stuffers, six-foot tall cardboard cutout (I am not shitting you… check our kid with the Biebs)!

c. Let us not forget the themed birthday cake. BUT… we should probably make or purchase some cupcakes as well. You know, because even though we have had an excess of sugary frosted goodies EVERY FUCKING YEAR, we MUST be sure there isn’t the slightest possibility of running out.
*I’ll mention abundance of food again later!

2. Guests

It isn’t just about who is coming to the party, but how are we going to get them there? Well, OF COURSE, we will not only announce the birthday party in a cutsie invite via Facebook, which is typically geared toward our adult friends who may or may not have kids that are friends with our kid, but we also need to make sure we remembered our Monster High (continuing with this fun example) invites that she can hand out to her school friends. Wait though… that’s not all!!

Because now we have discovered how adorable picture invites are. Those ones where your kid looks all cute and smiley and stuff. You know… those $2 per card invites that will end up in someone’s garbage can a week from now. But, we MUST order enough of those to send to our family members and some of our even closer friends…or… to the kid down the street who delivered their picture invite to your front door a few weeks ago ;) !!

3. Entertainment

Now, I will thankfully state that I have not yet become that mom who has hired a clown, a performer, or better yet… paid money to have farm animals shit in my yard so our kids can get covered in goat spit for fun. But, I have fallen victim in the form of a bouncy house, a karaoke machine, a ‘picture booth,’ and a stupid piñata at EVERY SINGLE birthday she has had. But wait, keeping with the theme….let’s see… what could we do for Monster High? I KNOW!! Dance party! Complete with Monster High theme music, kids’ fave jams, props, costumes, and we cannot forget a smoke machine and maybe some strobe lights or a disco ball. See! Out of control!


This is the one that really starts to send my husband over the edge, because I literally just don’t know when to stop. I’ve elaborated a little on my need to not only order a VERY over-priced themed cake and likely provide cupcakes as well, but cake must have ice cream. Then it is important to decide whether there will be lunch or dinner involved.

I often try to chose a time where we won’t be providing people with an actual meal, but I’m not sure what the point of that is since I usually provide a meal of snacks anyway. We need chips, which must have dip. But we also have tortilla chips, which must have salsa. This is a great opportunity to make all the cream cheese dips I like to make. They need crackers. We need candy. We need cookies. We need nuts. We need drinks. DRINKS. Juice boxes, soda, and water. That’s not all. Beer for the men. Mixed drinks for the ladies. Wine for my mom. Oh yeah… all snacks MUST be held in/on a bowl or plate that matches the theme. Duh!

Okay… you get it!! I’m out of my mind! But, I don’t think I am alone. Ladies (and maybe gents, but I’ve gotta be honest girls, this is our thing!), why are we doing this to ourselves? Why are we doing this to our kids? My husband, who is likely reading this and shaking his head and laughing with defeat because he reminds me every year that I am going too far, asked me the perfect question: Is this party for her (or him), or is it really for yourself?

He’s right! Who am I planning this for? Let’s again start with theme: Who says serving cake on some plain white generic plates is gonna hurt anything? Does anyone really give a damn about strategically placed themed balloons? Guests: Really? Picture invites? Shut-the-front door on that crap. Nobody cares.

You’re just making the next mom’s life more difficult (and expensive) sending that crap out!! Entertainment: What happened to a simple game of pin-the-tail-on-the-freakin-donkey? Or… just “go play with your friends in the backyard because this is the only time you get them all in one place at one time!!!” Food: People will not starve! AND, when they leave I won’t have to worry that my jeans won’t fit for the next week or two because all that junk I over bought is still sitting on the table waiting for me to devour it.

More importantly here though… what am I teaching my children? I think as parents we always want our little people to have the best that we can provide them with, but over-indulging them sets their expectations at a level that is unacceptable. It is not reality and it teaches them nothing about valuing and appreciating just the mere fact that their friends and family have come together to celebrate their special day. There is no need for fancy props and gimmicks in order to honor our kids birth and existence.

So, put your bottle of Xanax away girl…and stop that kids birthday bullshit! There is no need for that kind of stress in your life and I promise you, your kiddo will love his/her celebration all the same. Cheers!!!

#111 – Tom & Jerry Season!
Topic Gender & Race


photo (12)

On this week’s episode we get a little serious and talk Gender and Race.  At the end of the show we interview Junior to get her take on the subject as a middle schooler.  On the lighter side, it’s Tom and Jerry’s season, so get it while you can!  Cheers!

Fabulous Finds

Beth – Serial Podcast
Fabulous Find Lindsay – Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps – Peanut Butter Crunch
Tawny – The Dads Corner (posts by the Dads of MCH)

Fit Tip Lindsay: Don’t eat straight Tom & Jerry’s batter!!

MCH UPCOMING EVENTS – We are Caroling for a Cause this month on December 20th, if you are local please join us!  We will be collecting non-perishable items for Winnie’s Place, a local women and children’s shelter.  If you’d like to make a monetary donation to the cause, please visit our donate page.

We will also be at Handmade City in Davenport, IA this upcoming Saturday.  This is such a great event with the best local indie artists in the area, please come support them and come say “Hi” to MCH!



6 Holiday Gift Ideas for Men
That Won’t Break the Bank

This is another installment of The Dads Corner.
This post was written by Corey, Tawny’s husband.

It can be difficult finding holiday presents for guys without falling into the stereotypical gifts like neckties. Also, once children are in the picture, the budget for gifts between spouses drastically decreases. In this post, I’ll share six holiday gift ideas for men that won’t break the bank and will leave your man happy.

1. Beer

Bent River Jingle JavaIf your man enjoys beer, buy him a beer for his stocking. Many grocery and liquor stores carry larger specialty bottles of craft beers. If your man is anything like me, he probably stands in the liquor department, lusting over the single bottle of beer that costs $10, but opts for the budget $5.99 6/pack. Not sure what kind to buy? Tell a clerk what your man likes to drink and they will have a few suggestions.

If you’re within a few hours of MCH Headquarters (Quad Cities, IL), I’d strongly suggest buying the man in your life a six-pack of Bent River Brewing’s Jingle Java. Bent River’s distribution is expanding. If you live in the Quad Cities, a trip to Bent River on Christmas Eve for a fresh growler of Jingle Java will help make his season bright.

2. Bottle Opener Ring

Bottle Cap RingSince we’re on the topic of beer, let me sing the praises of this bottle opener ring. I purchased one of these at Strange Cargo while wandering around Wrigleyville before a Cubs game. It’s incredible. I’ve frequently found myself in situations where I need a bottle opener and have nothing to use. That’s no longer the case.

This looks like a normal ring on your finger, but on the underside, it’s a bottle opener. And talk about not breaking the bank, $1.29 on Amazon (with free shipping!). At that price, buy one for all of your guy friends. Trust me, they’ll love this gift.

3. Shaving Club Membership

Dollar Shave ClubAny man that uses disposable razors knows the feeling having to squeeze one more shave out of that torn up razor because he forgot to pick up a new package. A “subscription” to a disposable razor club like Dollar Shave Club would make for a great holiday gift for any male you will be buying a gift for this year. For as little as $1/month, the recipient of this gift will receive a razor and then every month, they will be delivered 5 replacement cartridges.

I am a Dollar Shave Club “member” and I am real happy with these razors. I purchase the mid-grade level razor cartridges, which cost $6/month. These are great razors at an affordable price. My $6/month cartridges cost me about half of what I was spending in replacement cartridges before. If you choose to give the gift of a Dollar Shave Club membership this holiday season, consider going through this referral link.

By the way, these razors work well for women. In a Mommy’s Cocktail Hour episode, Lindsay mentioned Bob purchases these razors and she uses them, too.

4. Wallet Phone Case

6beee6d8-39bf-41ff-8a4a-02712f38c110._V325838293__SR285,285_I absolutely hate carrying a wallet. There is nothing more uncomfortable than sitting on a lump of a wallet (not that mine is filled with money). Unfortunately, I’m absent-minded and combining that with hating to sit on a wallet means two or three times a day, I’m frantic trying to remember where I stuck my wallet. But, like everyone else these days, I can tell you where my phone is at all times because it’s within an arm’s reach.

Tawny bought me this wallet phone case and I love it. This case holds four cards and a few bills. It really allowed me to streamline and cut out the unnecessary things I was lugging around in my wallet. It’s also sleek and makes my iPhone 6 feel about the same in thickness as my iPhone 4 was.

Giving a wallet as a gift is about as traditional as giving neckties and by purchasing a wallet phone case, you can modernize this age-old tradition.

5. Portable Phone Battery Charger

Justin-1Staying on the cell phone theme, if your man has a hard time making it through the day without having to charge his phone, you might want to consider buying him a phone charger.

I purchased the Justin model pictured here at Kohl’s for about $25. I keep it fully charged and if my phone battery is low and I’m not near an outlet, I pull this out of my bag and charge up my phone. This phone charger holds about 2 or 3 charges before I need to re-charge it.

This is very handy when I go to conferences and I’m conference rooms of hotels that get poor service and my battery drains quickly.

There are tons of options for battery chargers on Amazon. It seems like the prices on these were much higher a few years ago and they’ve dropped a lot. You can now buy one of these for $15-25. This is a gift your man is sure to appreciate the next time the battery indicator on his cell phone is red and he doesn’t have access to an outlet.

6. Sporting Event Tickets

River BanditsYou’re probably thinking, “Hey Corey, you said you’d give us gift ideas that won’t break the bank. Have you seen the price of professional sporting event tickets?!” Yes, tickets to professional sporting events are pretty outrageous. Although, it’s always a good idea to check the secondary market for tickets. I typically use StubHub. Over the last few years, I’ve been able to buy quite a few tickets to Cubs game for $5-10 apiece.

Guys don’t need professional teams to have fun at a sporting event though. Minor league baseball, minor league hockey and arena football are great affordable alternatives. I love minor league baseball.

As a family, we’ve had a ton of fun at minor league baseball games. Most minor league ballparks are very family friendly with activities like bouncy houses. Minor league baseball teams frequently have fireworks after Friday or Saturday night games. These teams aren’t working with huge budgets, so they’ll do about anything to get fans in the stands. They typically offer great promotions, such as giveaways, post-game concerts and cheap beer nights (usually $2 or $3!).

And…these games are cheap. Teams offer great gift packages like voucher books. Our local Quad City River Bandits offer a 10-ticket voucher book for just $60. These tickets can be used for any home game. $6 per ticket is a great affordable alternative to the big league prices. Whether he uses it for a guys night out or a family night with the kids, any guy will appreciate getting this gift.

Gift buying for men can be an intimidating thing. I hope these ideas help you find the right gifts for the men on your shopping list.

Have you found inexpensive gifts for men that you’d like to share with other Mommy’s Cocktail Hour listeners and readers? Tell us about those gifts in the comment section below.

Headshot - 2-2

This is a guest post by Corey, Tawny’s husband.  

You can read Corey’s blog posts on podcasting and social media at CoreyFineran.com.  You can listen to Corey’s podcast on the Chicago Cubs at IvyEnvy.com

My Struggle With Sugar Addiction
and the Holidays

This is another installment of The Dads Corner.
This post was written by Bob, Lindsay’s husband

About three months ago Lindsay set up a doctor’s appointment for me because she was sick of me complaining about the pain in my back. For most of the summer I was functional, but in pain. Towards the end of the summer that pain started to really slow me down. I couldn’t sleep, stand still or even sit in a recliner. I couldn’t argue with my wife any longer, I had to go to the doctor.

I started 2014 weighing 307 lbs…the highest weight of my life. My new years resolution was to lose weight using one of those late night infomercial DVDs. It was working for awhile until I injured my back. At the time of my doctors visit I weighed in at 296, which was my average weight for the past five years or so. My doctor told me that I most likely injured my back pushing myself too hard and that my obese size was preventing the injury from healing. He recommended I change my diet and try yoga.

So I did. I remembered an early “Mommy’s Cocktail Hour” episode where Beth and her husband Andy had decided to cut sugar out of their lives. I’m not going to do the research and find that episode, but what I took away from that episode was, and I’m paraphrasing, ‘shop on the outside perimeter of the grocery store and don’t go up and down the aisles.’ That stuck with me for almost three years until eventually I finally tried it.

The first two weeks were two of the most miserable weeks of my life. My wife has always been in shape and for the most part able to eat whatever she wants. She was not a fan of my new diet. I became so miserable that if my schedule was interfered with even a little bit I would throw a temper tantrum like a three year old. I knew I was doing it, but the common sense side of me was locked up while my body was withdrawing. I could see myself acting ridiculous and I couldn’t control it.  wpid-fed-up-trailer-header

In the middle of all of this Lindsay and I discovered the movie “Fed Up.” This movie messed me up. I’m a sugar addict. The movie more or less compared sugar to cocaine and basically said that when we were growing up our parents and schools were unknowingly getting us hooked on sugar and now we’re doing it to our kids. The big difference between overcoming a cocaine addiction vs a sugar addiction is that when you’re coming off of cocaine you have to go and find your drug dealers, but when you’re coming off of sugar you can’t walk 100 yards without seeing a soda machine or fast food joint. It’s everywhere. But at that point in time, the movie mixed with Andy and Beth’s success had me motivated.

In a matter of one month I lost 25 lbs just from removing sugar and doing yoga. I felt so confidant I dressed up as “Magic Mike” for Halloween and won the Sexiest Costume Contest (by the way I’m fully aware that a fat person dressed as “Magic Mike” is funny and why I won) I’ll spare you the pictures because I like I said I was still fat, although rumor has it Tawny managed to capture a few shots on her phone.

10712976_10205344274350596_5312046104924649443_nHeading into Thanksgiving I weighed in at 258. I couldn’t remember the last time I weighed under 280 let alone under 260. On the other hand I now weigh the same as all my fat friends. But then the wagon ride started to get rough. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving I had to take my daughter to work with me so we grabbed breakfast at a local diner where I managed to eat a clean breakfast. It was however free pie Wednesday. So I said, screw it, it’s Thanksgiving I’m going to take two days off’ and had a piece of pie.

Two days turned to three days which ended up being five days. At no point did I crave any chocolate, pizza, fast food etc. I ate it, but not like I used to. When I had pizza I would check the ingredients and portion sizes just out of habit. I cheated but my cheating was still cleaner than my normal diet of the past. I spent a large portion of those five days in a  restroom while my body rejected the little cheating I did. In a way it confirmed that i had been on the right track.

In the end I gained two pounds. I’m back to 260 and it kills me. I so desperately want the 240’s right now. Today’s another day and I’m happy to say I’m back on track. When we get a little closer to Christmas I will update you on my progress and share some tips I plan on using to maintain my clean diet and ultimately happiness.


This is a guest post by Bob, Lindsay’s husband. 

You can read Bob’s blog posts and interviews at www.zoiksonline.com.  You can listen to Bob’s movie review podcast at www.ihatecritics.net